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We have put together an experienced team in marketing, underwriting, claims and client services to deliver superior insurance coverage and risk management services.

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We use creativity and innovative methods to assess your loss exposures and to address your insurance coverage concerns.

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With a comprehensive risk management approach and insurance designed to cover the broadest spectrum of risk, your business will be protected from unexpected losses.

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With a ‘can-do’ attitude and equipped with advanced technology, our highly-trained staff stands ready to meet your insurance needs with efficiency and ease.


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You want to make sure your collateralized loan portfolio is protected whether or not your borrowers stay on top of their insurance coverage. With our Blanket Lenders Single Interest policy, you receive collateral loss coverage over your entire collateralized loan portfolio, with all existing and new loans automatically covered. With Blanket Lender Single Interest, also known as a Vendor Single Interest, you will have both backup auto physical damage coverage and skip coverage for vehicle you cannot locate.

With Blanket Lender Single Interest, you can relax knowing that every vehicle in your portfolio is protected. You no longer have to spend time tracking insurance coverage of each individual borrower. Blanket Lenders Single Interest means that if a vehicle in your portfolio is damaged, and the borrow doesn’t have adequate coverage, you will still be protected. In other words, Vendor Single Interest means peace of mind.

Take away the busy work of making sure every vehicle has coverage and implement a Blanket Lender Single Interest policy today. With an easy to complete monthly report, without the need to transfer borrower personal information, your entire portfolio is protected while you eliminate hours of administrative work involved in tracking and force-placing insurance. You may even be able to charge the borrower for the small premium (in most states). No matter what type of consumer collateral you finance, Blanket Lender Single Interest is the obvious choice for your financial protection.

We also offer Gap Waiver Insurance, a valuable optional coverage for your borrowers, and way to generate fee income for your institution.