Cyber Security Protection

Insurance / Services

Cyber and Privacy Liability Insurance is a custom-designed insurance policy that protects an organization from liability and first-party costs incurred due to loss of private information.

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  • High Limit Liability coverage for defense costs, settlements, judgments and fines
  • First-Party Costs
  • Post-breach computer forensics
  • Breach response: notification, call-center services, credit monitoring
  • Data and systems reconstruction
  • Optional coverage for Business Interruption; PCI fines; Loss of Funds; Extortion
  • Breach Response Services on call


  • Peace of mind knowing your business is protected against loss of private data
  • Immediate resources to pay for the significant costs resulting from a data breach
  • Ability to respond quickly and effectively should a data loss occur

Additional Services

Lee & Mason can assist your organization with the engagement of a professional outside IT and data security assessment. Outside assessment includes recommendations for hardening private information security.

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