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Protect uninsured residential and commercial properties.

Lee & Mason offers a full suite of coverage options. makes it easy to place hazard, flood & REO liability coverage on uninsured properties. Blanket Mortgage Hazard & Blanket Mortgage Impairment insurance eliminates the bulk of costly internal insurance tracking. With our compliant Outsourced Tracking solutions, Lee & Mason shifts the burden of collecting and matching insurance mail to the mortgaged properties in your portfolio. For any coverage needs that don't fit these traditional approaches, 1-Off provides unique solutions specifically underwritten through a variety of markets.

Allowing real property to go uninsured, even just briefly, creates many risks for the lender. Force-placed hazard and flood insurance through Lee & Mason's can protect residential and commercial properties whenever the borrower fails to insure them. This master policy approach accommodates a portfolio of any size. Each client is teamed with a dedicated Account Manager to customize the portal and optimize it to preferred workflows based on the client's staffing, accounting and compliance.


Eliminate insurance tracking and force-placement without sacrificing coverage or compliance.

Just like lender-placed hazard insurance, Blanket Mortgage Hazard coverage protects a lender's interest and collateral on a Special Form basis. Clients choose this approach because it eliminates the need to track homeowner's or commercial property (BOP) coverage once it has been verified at closing.

Blanket Mortgage Impairment creates those same efficiencies while adding Errors & Omissions and Balance of Perils protection for lenders and mortgage servicers alike. Impairment coverage can be written to eliminate tracking where possible (blanket) but can easily be modified to support a more traditional monitoring process (Checking or Ex-Checking).

Blanket Mortgage Impairment Insurance (BMI) provides mortgage servicers and originators with coverage for their interest in the mortgaged property when the owner fails to maintain insurance naming the lender as the mortgagee. This program also includes coverage for various servicing errors and omissions. If a lender purchases the full blanket option, BMI carries no tracking requirement.

The Lee & Mason Approach to Real Estate Coverage

Some collateral protection companies can only provide tracking, blanket or force-placed services. Lee & Mason partners with multiple 'A' rated insurance carriers to offer all three options, often blended, to meet the needs of each individual client. Using a consultative approach leveraged by decades of experience in banking, insurance and technology, Lee & Mason is uniquely qualified to serve as your collateral protection partner.