Blanket Lenders Single Interest (LSI or VSI)

auto accident tow truck

Broad coverage of collateral loss for your entire consumer loan portfolio, with no need to track insurance.


Uninsured Physical Damage Coverage: Protects the lender from uninsured damage or theft of the loan collateral, occurring before or after repossession.

Skip & Confiscation: Covers the lender against loss of collateral when borrower and vehicle cannot be located or when the vehicle has been seized by a public authority.

Security Interest Non-filing: Protects the lender from a lien filing error or omission preventing repossession and sale of the collateral.

Covers all types of consumer loan / lease collateral: Autos, Vans, Light Trucks, Motorcycle, RV, Watercraft, Mobile Home, Other Property; also Commercial Vehicle/Equipment coverage available.

High Limit of Loss: $50,000; $100,000 or higher as needed.

Zero Deductible; with deductible options to reduce premium rate.

Assumption of Coverage: entire loan portfolio covered with no upfront premium

Optional Coverages

Broad Form Skip (Collateral Locate); Repossession Expense Reimbursement; Mechanic’s Lien Coverage; Towing & Storage Expense; ACV Plus (Settlement above guidebook value), etc.


Speeds up the loan approval process and funding

Broad Coverage of Loan Collateral Losses

No Insurance Tracking Required

Easy to Use / No Administrative Burden; only a Simple Monthly Report

Avoid Borrower Complaints and Uncollectible Force-Placed Premiums

Small Premium May Be Disclosed and Passed On to Borrower in Most States