Online Enrollment for Equipment and Autos

Insurance for Commercial Lenders

Quickly Access Coverage

For leasing companies and equipment finance lenders, our clients have access to an online platform that allows for instant collateral enrollment as a point-of-sale alternative to outside insurance; or in response to notification the borrower/lessee’s coverage has cancelled or non-renewed.

When used as primary insurance, you can instantly secure coverage for your borrower/lessee that allows you to fund deals more quickly and ensures lower insurance turnover throughout the transaction and term.

Instantly cover collateral at origination or after the customer’s policy has cancelled or non-renewed.

Avoid Duplicity of Cost

If the borrower or lessee provides their own coverage (either at origination or mid-term), you can quickly and easily cancel this coverage. Your organization can then continue verifying future renewals. Rely on Lee & Mason to underwrite a Commercial Lender’s Single Insurance policy or implement outsourced insurance tracking services.

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