Blanket Mortgage Hazard Insurance

Real Estate Lending

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The Beauty of Blanket: Simplicity

Blanket Mortgage Hazard is a robust insurance coverage but just as crucially, it creates operational simplicity and savings. There is no need to monitor Hazard insurance after you verify it at closing so Blanket Mortgage Hazard eliminates the need to react to track renewals, react to cancellation or non-renewal notices, and force-place Hazard insurance.

How Does Blanket Mortgage Hazard Insurance Protect Real Estate Loan Portfolios?

Lee & Mason provides Blanket Mortgage Hazard coverage to protect residential mortgage, 2nd/HELOC, and commercial real estate portfolios. These policies are an efficient way to eliminate significant daily time and expense of related to borrower insurance while protecting the entire portfolio.

The loan servicing team can redirect focus to other tasks while the lender has peace of mind knowing each loan is covered in the event of otherwise uninsured physical damage. Like a lender-placed certificate, BMH protects damage up to the lender's interest (outstanding loan balance) but eliminates the time, hassle and expense of insuring individual locations.


  • Provides coverage against otherwise inured property damage across the entire portfolio.
  • Customizable policy that can be focused to residential mortgage, 2nd/HELOC, or commercial real estate portfolios if desired.
  • Special Form coverage available to all property types with limits up to $5M.
  • Deductibles as low as $1,000 available for most causes of loss.
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  • Eliminates the need to process insurance mail related to homeowner's or commercial property coverage.
  • Eliminates the need to force place Hazard insurance on residential dwellings or commercial buildings.
  • Claims can be filed immediately upon discovery of damage. Loan does not need to be in default or foreclosure.
  • Most damage is settled using Replacement Cost Valuation (not to exceed loan balance) assuming repairs are made.

Blanket Mortgage Hazard insurance is a scalable solution to cover portfolios of all sizes while reducing significant time and expense for a lender. Special Form coverage can be provided to every property pledged as collateral.

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Avoid Bothering Customers (and Auditors) Unnecessarily

Transitioning to Blanket Mortgage Hazard coverage eliminates the need for a lender to mail required letter cycles to their customers. It's a borrwer-friendly solution that also creates simplicity during an audit or exam as you can simply provide this policy as proof every loan is protected.

Lee & Mason represents the leading Blanket Mortgage Hazard carriers and has been providing blanket solutions since 1954. Please connect with us to learn more.