American Modern Home Transitions Out of Lender-Placed Market

Lender-Placed Market

August 19th, 2021

We want to alert you to the announcement on Monday the 22nd from American Modern Home. The full press release can be found here, but in short, they have elected to exit the lender-placed market over the next 15 to 24 months. While Lee & Mason works to obtain details on this phase out process, we want to emphasize the following:

  • As the release indicates, the change will come over the course of 15 to 24 months. At this point, coverage remains with an ‘A+’ rated carrier backed by Munich Re, one of the largest carriers in the world. Lee & Mason continues to administer coverage and claims continue to be paid per policy conditions by a dedicated, experienced staff.
  • We have several additional ‘A’ rated carriers available for coverage and have been working on an orderly transition plan for quite some time. While regrettable for the carrier, rest assured that Lee & Mason is prepared to help customers move as needed with minimal work and no coverage interruption.

If you have any questions as you review, please do not hesitate to contact your marketing representative. Thank you for your valuable business.

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