Mortgage Lending Services

Lee & Mason offers a full suite of coverage options to protect uninsured residential and commercial mortgage properties. Our website makes it easy to place both mortgage hazard coverage and flood insurance on uninsured or REO properties. Our Blanket Mortgage Hazard and Mortgage Impairment insurance relieves the institution from costly internal insurance tracking. And with our compliant Outsourced Tracking solution, Lee & Mason takes away the entire burden of collecting and matching insurance mail to the mortgage properties in your portfolio.

Lender-Placed Mortgage Hazard and Flood Insurance

Our website,, allows the mortgage lender to easily place coverage and to cancel coverage on uninsured mortgage properties: residential, commercial, and REO.

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Blanket Mortgage Hazard Insurance

Coverage of the entire mortgage loan portfolio against uninsured physical damage without the aggravation and expense of tracking property insurance.

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Blanket Mortgage Impairment Insurance

Blanket impairment protection of mortgage loan properties, up to a full-blanket with no insurance follow-up required. Includes coverage for various servicing errors & omissions.

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Outsourced Tracking – Mortgage Property & Flood Coverage

We collect all insurance mail and match insurance status to each mortgage loan in your portfolio. Uninsured property owners are automatically sent CFPB compliant notices asking them to provide evidence of insurance.

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